Our History

Welcome to Mrs. Fisher’s online home. We appreciate your loyalty to our potato chips as we begin our 9th decade of continuous manufacturing. We hope you find it easier to navigate our website, but don’t hesitate to call us with any comments or questions. We always enjoy hearing from you.

Ethel and Eugene Fisher began making these potato chips in 1932 from their home at the corner of Charles and 7th street. Originally it was named Mr. Fisher’s Potato Chips, but when Eugene left Ethel during the depression she changed it to Mrs. Fisher’s. When she needed more room the business moved into a small brick building at the corner of 6th St. and 5th Ave.

The work was all done by hand from unloading the potatoes, to peeling and cooking. Imagine peeling 100 pound bags of potatoes all day long. Ethel was known for selling her “Penny Chips”, the small broken pieces and crumbs in small paper bags. We still offer them today for 25 cents.

An important part of our history is that the business has always been passed on to an employee with many years of experience. In our 86 years there have been only four previous owners.

The company moved from 6th St. and 5th Ave. to the corner of Fulton Ave. and Grant St. in the 1960’s and then into our current address in 1978. While many parts of the operation have been automated, we now have a SpudNik machine to unload the 50,000 pounds of potatoes we receive weekly, and we don’t have to peel them by hand, thank goodness, the care and quality has remained unchanged.

mrs fishers logo white bgBy using the best shortening and chipping potatoes and making a thicker sliced chip Mrs. Fisher developed a loyal following that continues to grow today. Our 3 Route Drivers deliver our chips to customers in a 25 mile radius of Rockford. We also have four distributors that take our chips into Wisconsin, the Chicago land area and as far south as Joliet, Illinois.

The Mrs. Fisher's dancing potato logo was originally designed by Mr. Eugene Fisher in 1932. The logo has become one of the most recognized icons in the region.